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 About us....Centre of intercultural research and mediation

Information centre of documentation and development of scholastic and social integration of foreign pupils and their families.

Cremi originates from an agreement between the city of Fano and the Regional Centre of Documentation and Examination of childhood and adolescence of the Marche Region, act. n. 336/2003, with the task of supporting screening, information and documentation of scholastic and social integration of foreign pupils in various schooling levels.



  • An increasing number of foreign children in the school;
  • Difficulty of communication between foreign families and scholastic institutions, due to lingual and cultural differences;
  • The need to improve the insertion of foreign children into local schools with "welcome" programs and the development of cultures of origin. Helping them in learning the language and culture of the host land with particular teaching-methods;


  • Orienting a "welcome program" in the schools creating cultural conditions and organizing strategies with the aim of starting the course, creating positive relationships;
  • Promoting the knowledge of mutual uses, languages and customs;
  • Involving the families in introducing collaborative relationships between them;
  • Dealing with situations of discomfort and individual or cultural vulnerability;
  • Develop a multicultural pedagogic program considering it as an advanced education program for people in a world that is changing quickly and considering difference as wealth;


A. Organization of a collection net for the exchange documentation of the plans and actions in favour of multicultural integration:
The project allows the creation of an important regional network of relations; the base of study and development, also institutional, of the hosting culture and the right to study.

B. Institution of an help-desk:

  • Concerning local government;
  • On the internet
    • Starting a specific web-site;
    • A possible interactive forum;
    • Periodic response to the F.A.Q.;
    • Direct consultancy also by e-mail;

C. Documentation collection:

  • Legislation;
  • Experiences and yet started projects;
  • Bilingual manuals;

D. Training:

  • Of educators (communities, associations, families):
    • For steadfast upgrading of the approach methods and the possibilities offered by the actual legislation;
  • Of the teachers:
    • Improving the individual and collective acceptance of different ethnics and cultures;
    • Development of the pedagogical competence and actions organised in favour of the hosting culture;
    • Making the foundation of relational and cooperated relationships easier;

E. Elaboration of instruments and materials:

  • "Manual of use" (bilingual): intended as fundamental information, for schools, in order to make the acquaintance of the pupil and their families, easier. To facilitate the knowledge of the rules and regulations of the scholastic institutions;
  • Collection of fairytales, traditions, legends, stories and history of a variety of origin-countries to aim at the consciousness and popularisation;
  • Plans with the final goal to favour welcoming, hosting and the exchange of multicultural information;

F. Production of direct activities:

  • Organization of workshops for these subjects:
    • Construction and planning a "welcome" program with experts;
    • Music, theatre, handcrafts and other creative activities directed to improve to the knowledge of different cultures and social customs of the various ethnics;
    • English as the 3rd language, with the aim of placing everybody in the same condition, learning a new global language;
  • Methods and instruments for the teaching and the learning of the Italian tongue as the second language;
  • The use of linguistic mediators in the schools in which there are foreign children, collaborating with associations of local ethnical groups and voluntary service;
  • Organization of multicultural meetings like parties - exhibitions - conventions, etc;

G. Opening a Suggestion-box:
Centre for the collection and the analysis of proposals, experiences and initiatives in order to the produce and collect ideas, suggestions, and innovations.

Results and output

  • A network with the availability of the scholastic integration experiences produced by local schools;

  • Circulation of information on methods and social integration experiences and conservation - comparison of the actual cultures located in the territory;

  • Expansion of the opportunities of access to information and comparison for children and adults;

  • Evaluation of cultural and linguistically understanding;

  • Enhancing integration of children and families from other countries;

  • Use edutainers and experts in "welcome methods" in the schools;

  • Adequate qualification of teachers that use Italian as a secondary language;

  • Modification and adaptation of the planning and the scholastic programming;

  • Improvement of the relations between the school and family and the local and foreign families;

  • Creation of a network of relations and human resources, that allows:

    • To create teams of experts in multicultural relations;

    • To organise "welcome" groups to support the educators, specialists and the newly arrived children;

    • Simplifying the lingual approach;

    • Reorganisation of the actual multicultural pedagogic curriculum;

  • Creation of a data base, that allows:

    • To receive immediate information;

    • To surf in real time to the main web-sites of multicultural integration;

    • To simplify communication;

    • To confront and develop the performances;

    Human resources

The centre is equipped with a Direction Committee:

  • Alderman Franco Mancinelli

  • Dott.ssa Graziella Favaro

  • Dott.ssa Gabriella Peroni 

    • Organization and promotion of the activities 

    • Coordination of the project)

  •  Marco Rondina 

    • Management of the local and virtual helpdesk

  • Multicultural experts

    • Edutainig and management of the workshops in schools;

    • Cultural mediation;

    • Production of documentation and distribution of procedures;


Contact the following persons for more information:

C.R.E.M.I. Servizi Educativi
Address: Via Vitruvio 7, 61032 Fano (PU) Italy

Alderman Franco Mancinelli
Dr. Gabriella Peroni
Marco Rondina

Phone:     +39 721 887603